"So when this is over we can just… stop… broadcasting, right?"

—Very tired/bored Montenegrin commentators

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and tomorrow all the europeans will pretend none of this happened

I like to call it an eurovision hangover

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Eurovision gifs


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last place hERE WE COME


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i love how eurovision has recognised graham norton is the most miserable sarcastic bastard of all the commentators n gave him his own lil shoutout god bless

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vote for the UK or we cancel Doctor Who and Sherlock

Here begin the political negotiations 

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i love eurovision not only for the hilarious text posts and fantastic entries but also for the amount of good vibes i get on my dashboard seriously there’s so much conflict in the world but once a year europeans come together and if you don’t think that’s one of the most amazing things this world has created then you’re wrong 

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"I don’t like Eurovision"

"Oh, okay here’s the way to the exit"


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of course the UK’s song title sounds like the name of a doctor who episode

"children of the universe"

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now’s the time to bribe all your impartial friends into voting for your country